Can Town Kansas City

Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like tumblr wants to let me publish asks at all. Grr… But an anonymous asker wanted to know if there were any plans for a Can Town meetup at Planet Comicon this year!

The sad thing is, there isn’t one that I know of!! :c I’m not sure when Planet Comicon is, and because of my own personal work / school schedule, I might not be able to get the time off for it. D:

However, if anyone decides to run a Can Town at Planet Comicon, just let me know, and I’d be happy to advertise it on here! Just please send me an ask, or submit the info you want us to say on this page. :D Thanks!!

When is Naka-kon? (sorry still really new to cons and stuff :/)

No worries!! ouo Naka-kon is March 15 - 17, 2013. It’s held at the Sheraton / Overland Park Convention Center in Overland Park, KS. It’s off I-435 and Nall Avenue, I believe. ^u^ Their website is!

CONSTUCK: a Homestuck Panel !


Good news, everyone!

CONSTUCK: a Homestuck Panel has been accepted for Naka-kon 2013! That means that we’ll be bringing you an hour filled with all the Homestuck you could ever want, and more! :D There will be information about the comic - filled with videos, flashes, and comic panels - as well as a few games and a giveaway! It’s bound to be a really fantastic panel, and I hope to see you there!!

A few things to take note of - we WILL be doing Can Town, so please bring canned food to donate, if you want to! We will be doing the Can Town donations during the photoshoot. I’ll be making a separate post on the Cansas City Can Town tumblr as the event draws closer, so that we can plan it out a little more. But for the time being, just remember it, and follow Cansas City Town if you want to!

Speaking of the photoshoot, there is not one scheduled yet… But there will be soon, once I talk to a few staff people about how they’re doing things this year. And if there is a list for photoshoots like there was last year. :’D Once I have that all sorted out, I’ll make another post!

Some awesome places to check out:

Naka-kon Official Website

CONSTUCK’s Naka forum post

Cansas City Town (KC Can Town)

Midwesternstuck (tumblr)

Kansastuck (facebook)

KCstuck (facebook)

Nebraska-Midwest Homestucks (facebook)

I'd like to say the panel was amazing today! I can't wait for next year. Everyone was great and there were some people I wish I could've gotten urls from but couldn't!

I’m so happy you enjoyed it! There will be a big list of URLs published soon. 

Zomg has it. I think it’s going to Midweststuck but don’t quote me on that. 

I found it! :)
Here is the scarf freshly painted. I tried to get the color and style right on the letters

Here is the scarf freshly painted. I tried to get the color and style right on the letters


  had been added as an admin to the group! She often has updates sooner than I do and this gives her the ability to update you too! 

Edit: I’ll do my best to try and get any and all info I can to everyone as soon as possible! :D Thanks!! - zomg

Putting this out there

Since I’m not going to be in KC all the time now I would like to find a couple other people that might want to be admins for the group. You’d just help manage submissions and such if it comes to that.  Just send me an ask/fanmail if you can with why you’d like to be one. 

Also I’ll show off the simple Mayor scarf soon! 

Naka Kon Updates!

The photoshoot/meet-up

Scheduled @ 4:00 pm (I saw 4:13 too) on Saturday

Location: Courtyard pre-function area!

Important notes: This is the time for Can Town! Bring your cans for the chance to be Mayor! There will be a toasty Mayor scarf I’ll be giving away to the person who brings the most. :) 

Homestuck Panel

Scheduled @ 6:00 pm on Saturday

Location: Ballroom B

Also while I’m cosplaying Roxy I plan to bring some of her experiment cats as plushies. If you stop and chat with me or are generally awesome, you may get to take one home with you! :) If I can get him done in time I’ll also have a little Bec to give away at the photo shoot or panel since I’ll probably be dressed as Jade on Saturday. 

Homestuck Panel confirmed for Naka-kon

I just got word of it. We are still working out times and if Can Town will be during the panel or just during the photo shoot. We are hoping for 4 pm in the courtyard area on Saturday for the shoot. 

Thanks zomgenius for updating me. :) She is running the panel and organizing the shoot. I’m sure I can help out too! 

Where are you?

As suggested by unmonstre in an ask. Where are you located? This may help us plan a more centralized meet-up area for everyone. :) I will go ahead and make a page after I get a response from everyone here. 

I’m in the Grandview area myself.